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Who is Steve Tristan?

Renowned Blinds and Screens Expert Is Here to Help

Steve Tristan has been selling, installing, and evangelizing the importance of quality blinds, window coverings, and screens for over 30 years. His expertise extends to every facet of the industry, and he’s regularly approached for advice from DIYers, contractors, salespeople, manufacturers, and everyone in between.

In short, Steve knows his stuff.

But while his businesses continue to grow, his head does not. He’s still the same approachable, down-to-earth guy he was as a young installer trainee.

Today, his commitment to customer service, dedication to excellence, and his abiding faith in God and human potential make him a highly sought-after contractor, entrepreneur, author, and window coverings and screening expert.

Steve Tristan Services in DC
Steve Tristan in Washington DC

A Difficult Childhood Didn’t Define Him

Steve’s childhood was marred by poverty, abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Even at an early age, he knew that wasn’t the life he wanted for himself, and he made a commitment to change his story. Whatever the adults in his life did, Steve did the opposite. He took their lives as models for what not to do and used his energy to pursue happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Instead of crushing him, these early experiences developed a strong appreciation for honesty, humility, patience, and hard work. His capacity for forgiveness and understanding was deepened as well. Because of his struggles, he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt because you never know what difficulties they’ve faced.

His Climb to the Top Wasn’t a Straight Line

Today, Steve is the founder and owner of Best Custom Screens,, JT Blinds, and Best Install Team, as well as Director of Operations. But 30 years ago, that was all just a glimmer in his ambitious eyes.

Young Steve was still in college when he was first introduced to the window coverings business. It hadn’t been his plan, but he saw potential. He applied for an installer job with a local manufacturer and dutifully worked his way through the trainee program.

Customer Service Was the Key

In very little time, he became one of the company’s top installers. But while he enjoyed the work (and still does), he realized that his true passion lay in customer service. He sensed that the industry needed a shift in priorities. It wasn’t enough to manufacture a quality product and offer reliable installation. Companies had to place more emphasis on a customer’s experience throughout their entire journey. They had to be the number one priority.

Steve temporarily hung up his tool belt and moved into the customer service department. His customer-centered philosophy struck a chord. Within a year, his company promoted him to Customer Service Manager for two company divisions — the wholesale window coverings industry and property management/construction markets.

His customer support experiences allowed him to refine his sales philosophies as he worked to boost company effectiveness. He was named to a sales representative position, eventually blossoming into the company’s National Sales Manager.

In just a few short years, Steve went from vertical blind installer to the head a major sales operation. If you didn’t know Steve, you’d think this was pretty miraculous. But to family and friends, it was inevitable because he was driven to succeed.

When You’re Comfortable, It’s Time to Take a Risk

Steve could have stayed where he was and enjoyed a long and fruitful career, but he had wider ambitions. In 2002, he and his wife Juanita decided it was time to start building their own dreams. Steve quit his job and then he and Juanita took a leap of faith straight into their future.

From left to right: Steve Tristan, Former First Lady Rosa Lynn Carter, President Jimmy Carter, & Juanita Tristan

JT Blinds Was Born

The couple ran their first company, JT Blinds, from their home. They sold, installed, and serviced window coverings to customers all over the San Fernando Valley. Business built steadily, and before they knew it, their small home space was no longer adequate.

They opened up their first official location in Mission Hills, CA. This soon gave way to locations in Sylmar, San Fernando, and, most recently, Acton. But these were just incremental improvements. It was Steve’s growing focus on eCommerce that buoyed the young family’s fortunes.

He’d experimented with websites and eCommerce while he still worked for his first company. Even then, he felt confident that the Internet was the industry’s future, and his prescience paid off. He developed two eCommerce platforms, dramatically extending his company’s reach to a national audience.

Could Steve have remained an installer and been happy? Absolutely. He still goes out on jobs today. But we’re all thankful that he didn’t. His drive for excellence, unwavering commitment to his customers, and vision for his industry’s future have helped push the bounds of what’s possible.

Steve Tristan training UCLA interior design students

When You’re Successful, You Give Back

Today, Steve expresses his dedication to those around him equally through his businesses and community efforts. He’s active in his church, regularly volunteering any extra time he has available.

Steve Tristan unloading blinds at habitat for humanity pasadena
Steve Tristan donating blinds to Habitat for Humanity Restore

He’s donated his time, labor, and products to several worthy causes. He and select members of his team personally installed window coverings for Genesis House, a shelter for homeless women and children. Steve provided the same service for LAPD Devonshire PALS, a community center for young children and teens dedicated to reducing juvenile crime, preventing gang activity, and building character. Steve also partnered with Habitat for Humanity Restore to create a blinds recycling drive which raised funds for the non-profit.

Regina Wyatt “Habitat for Humanity”, Sal Rodriguez “Drummer, War”, Steve Tristan “President”, Tim Sanchez “Hip Hop Writer”.

Currently, he’s working on a book that he hopes will help people cope with abuse, drug addiction, and alcoholism, all while growing in their faith.

It’s a tall order, but if anyone’s up to the challenge, it’s Steve.

If Steve Can Do It, So Can You

Given Steve’s rocky childhood, you could have been forgiven for betting against him, but you would have lost that bet. He managed, against all odds and without any formal sales training, to build three successful companies while changing the course of his industry.

His faith in God, humanity, his employees, and his abilities have helped propel him to the top of his field. If he can do it, you can, too.

30 Year Anniversary Video

Tony Robbins Training & Fire Walk

Steve is the type of person that always wants to learn new things and expand his outlook on life with books, research, education, and training. For example, he looked into a person by the name of Tony Robbins to learn more about being motivated in the business world.

BCS Firewalkers
Yan Christian Bernard “Installer”, Juan Ramos “Technical Support”, Efrain Lopez “Consultant”, Steve Tristan “Author”

After learning from Tony Robbins, Steve is now a part of the Mastery University which includes Date with Destiny, Life & Wealth Mastery, and Results Coaching. In addition, he has completed the Business Mastery program. Interestingly, he has taken company employees to the event called Unleash the Power Within. There is where they all walked on hot coals together! With this thrilling experience, they brought a fresh look on how to manage their lives first, so that managing the business would be much simpler.


Mr Tristan has installed some of the most challenging jobs and products. With nearly 30 years of installation experience and holds his own Contractors License number 1006121 Steve’s work speaks for itself.

These jobs include large vertical blinds, roller shades, and faux wood blinds in large apartment buildings. Also, installing window screens, sliding screen doors, and swinging screen doors in small homes and duplexes in the north end of the San Fernando Valley to high end homes in Malibu and Beverly Hills.

In addition, Steve has professionally installed Security Screen Doors, Plantation Shutters, Roman Shades, Draperies, Awnings, Motorization and Automated Shades. He is a certified Hunter Douglas installer, EPA Certified, and a WFCP Window Fashions Certified Professional. Even more so, he has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Restore on a blinds recycling drive to raise funds for their non profit.

quick fix vertical blinds cover photo
Working at the Genesis House

Personal Life

Most importantly, his personal life is filled with faith, family, friends and community. Most noteworthy, he is currently working on writing his autobiography to help people cope with abuse, drug addiction, and alcoholism, while growing in their faith.

Steve volunteers his extra time at his local church and in the community. He is the commander of security for local community fiestas – carnivals several weekends per year; and manages several security teams for such events. Mr Tristan carries a Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Guard Registration card and teaches a community course of volunteers on weapons of mass destruction and active shooter training. In addition, he is the Lecturer of the St Ferdinand’s council of the Knight of Columbus and is still very active in his family life.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Security-Team.jpg
Security Team, San Fernando CA


It’s not every day that you come across a person who grew up in the poor area of Pacoima and managed to become successful. To think he did it without any help, support, or even prior business training. Above all, to see someone like Steve give back is a good example that people can truly look to better themselves for their family and their careers.

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