“Strangely, I wake up much earlier whenever I‘m away from home. I always feel inspired after a productive trip and think that I’m going to be a ‘new me’ when I get home and wake up every day at the crack of dawn, but I inevitably go back to my old ways within a week.” — Jing Wei, Illustrator

When I plan for travelling in the morning, it’s quite difficult for me for keeping up my morning routine unless I go for my breakfast at Denny’s. That’s how I make my morning special, not like at-home routine.

I love to take my breakfast at my favorite place, Denny’s so far. It is the perfect place for refreshment. Denny’s offers huge signature dishes with moderate-expensive priced. I always prefer their breakfast menu .

The restaurant is all clean and well maintained. You can get the taste of several dishes but this coffee should be a must try. I would definitely recommend it if your looking for a nice quiet and relaxing stay in peace and eat some delicious food!